JimmyGo - J2ME SGF Viewer

What is it?
JimmyGo is a SGF Viewer for J2ME - that is, Java for mobile phones and PDAs. It lets you download and manage SGF records onto your advice and view them.

To install the latest version of JimmyGo on your device, go to http://jimmygo.sourceforge.net/jimmygo.jad. See the SourceForge page for full file release info.

A sample SGF file can be found here: http://jimmygo.sourceforge.net/sample.sgf if you want to test JimmyGo.


  • Latest version: 0.6
  • Planned for 1.0:
    • Traversing variations
    • Viewing comments in SGF files
    • Forward/back 20 moves
    • User docs
    • Help menu
    • Better graphics
    • Appending to SGF files
    • Etc.
  • The SourceForge.net project page has more info and the sources.
  • You can contact the developer at coljac -at- users.sourceforge.net.
As of May 2004, the project is still under active development. Known issue: "No more data" occurs on some devices with the sample SGF file. Can't reproduce on emulator, but expect a fix in 0.7.

If you're interested in JimmyGo, consider subscribing to the jimmygo-interest mailing list at SourceForge.

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What's New
v. 0.5 released.
v. 0.6 released - board traversal optimized.